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How to go about arranging furniture in your home

´╗┐As anyone knows, the way you arrange your furniture can make a big difference to how your room looks.

As anyone knows, the way you arrange your furniture can make a big difference to how your room looks. If you arrange your room in the wrong way, you could turn people away from spending time in that room. Any amateur home décor aficionado knows how important it is to arrange correctly. We have worked with the experts at Loch Ness Furniture to give you a hand in how to go about arranging furniture in your home.

Start Measuring : To start with, you need to know what you have to work with. Measure the room using a tape measure. You should measure the length and width of the room. Everyone knows this.

What many people do not do is measure the size of the furniture going into the room. This is vital during the planning process. You need to get an idea of how much space you will have left over to move around in after everything has been put in the right place.

Visual Interest through Size : The goal is to create visual interest in a room. Let us say someone who buys furniture in Inverness decides to buy everything of a similar size. All the tables and all the chairs are uniform. This is only going to make everything blend in to the room. It is not going to create any sort of focal point. That's how you create a profoundly boring room.

If you want visual interest, you have to look into purchasing furniture in a range of different sizes. Make the coffee table a different size to the end table with your grandmother's ornament on. These focal points will happen without your input. People will naturally be drawn to the different dimensions.

Relative Scales : We have established that you need to have furniture of different sizes. What you also need to do is make them relative to each other. Look for furniture sizes of a similar scale. Do not just buy any old Harris Tweed chair to fit in with that massive sofa you bought.

Furniture of a similar scale will create a serene effect. It is calm and more relaxing. On the other hand, if you have some huge pieces and some tiny pieces it is going to look chaotic. People will realise something is not right. They will never feel comfortable in a room like this.

Artist's Depth : Borrow some of the rules of art. In a painting, you have a foreground, a middle ground, and a background. Stand at the threshold of the room and divide your room into these three perspectives. Try to arrange your room so it looks more like a painting. Create focal points by changing the angles of chairs and tables.

The importance of this is this is the perspective people see upon seeing your room for the first time. It is about adding dimensions and making sure people actually want to explore the room. You are supposed to be teasing your guests inside.

This is the longest part of the process. You can literally spend hours trying to fiddle with the different depths.

How to stay safe in a thunderstorm

´╗┐Summer in the UK is the most common time of year for thunderstorms to occur, and with thunder inevitably comes lightning.

Summer in the UK is the most common time of year for thunderstorms to occur, and with thunder inevitably comes lightning. Recently the full force of a storm was felt in the south of England when hundreds of homes and business in Oxford and Reading were left without power after lightning strikes hit overhead cables and affected mains connectivity. Storms also affected Gatwick Airport causing electric trips to computer systems, which resulted in delays for hundreds of passengers.

While severe weather is unavoidable, there are ways to stay safe and protect your business against the threat of lightning –one such way is to put a contingency plan in place that involves electric generators.

Standby Power : The effects of power outages suffered by hundreds of people in the south of England could have minimised if businesses were equipped with diesel generator sets. Despite the ongoing threat of thunderstorms during the summer, the chances of a blackout happening are still relatively rare. Because of this, many businesses tend to operate without any sort of backup power plan in place. However, if a building is hit by lightning, a generator is the first thing they will be wishing they had.

Electric generators as a standby solution are designed to detect loss of power and operate immediately; eliminating downtime and ensuring business operations can continue as normal until mains power is reconnected.

Thunderstorm Safety Tips : As well as hiring a diesel generator, there are a number of safety tips that can be put into practice, before, during, and after a thunderstorm.

Before a Storm

- Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the centre of storm, so whenever you hear thunder it is wise to seek shelter immediately.
- When indoors, make sure to turn off all non-essential appliances at the source.
- Secure all loose outdoor items to prevent them being blown away during a storm.

During a Storm

- Keep all exterior doors and windows closed.
- Keep blinds and curtains closed to protect against broken glass.
- Make sure all internal doors and windows are closed and only opened when required.
- Avoid using telephone lines, sinks, and taps – these can conduct electricity.
- If you find yourself in an outdoor location, try to seek shelter immediately. If this is not possible, squat close to the ground, but do not lie down. As little of your body as possible should be touching the floor.

After a Storm

- Try to remain indoors for at least 30 minutes after the last strike of lightning.
- Avoid any downed power lines or cables.
- Keep away from exterior walls and trees in case of damage.
- If damage has occurred, contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

Following these tips will help lessen the threat of a thunderstorm and, combined with a diesel generator, will allow operations to continue unaffected.

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